Is Your Business Ready for New Web Hosting?

new-web-hostingOne of the steps you have to take when starting your online business after getting your website developed, is to choose the hosting company that is going to get your site live on the web and keep it that way. Most new business owners will go for the cheapest host company they can find or the first one they come across. Or perhaps the one they can remember as a result of good marketing on behalf of the hosting company.

All of this is fine but you may find that your business needs have expanded to the point where you now need a new host or at least to upscale your package. There are several things you need to consider for your hosting efficiency.

Load time for your website

It is really important that your site loads quickly when a potential client lands on it otherwise they will just move onto a competitor. Another reason is that slow sites don’t get good approval by the major search engines so you may not get ranked well, which really can hurt your business.

A sharing issue

When you are being hosted by a company at a discount price your website will be placed on a server with many other websites. While a overloaded server can affect the speed, another concern is that if one of these other sites happen to get hacked then you may be at risk at well.

When choosing your hosting package take the time to learn the basics of what they offer. If your site is getting a lot of traffic or your online business is growing rapidly you may want to consider using a hosting service that offers a VPS hosting service or a dedicated server. You won’t know what the best choices are for you until you learn the basics of hosting.