Building User Friendly Websites

Having a website as a business owner or for other reasons is a wonderful opportunity for creating and reach out to people around the world. It is also important that it is a user friendly website for a variety of different reasons.

Building a website that is going to attract traffic means getting it well indexed in major search engines. Search engines such as Google put a great deal of emphasis on how user friendly the site has to be. Sites that are classed as being easy to use by its viewers often will help to get it indexed much higher.

There are many elements web-programming-developmentthat need to be considered in order to get the website to be search engine-compliant. This includes the design as well as its content, how functional it is, and how easy it is to navigate around.


Every word that is contained on your website should be serving a specific purpose and should not be there as filler or simply being used to get out your keywords. Your content has to be easy to read and be applicable, and provide a solution to whatever your viewers are looking for.

There are many ways, aside from the actual written word, that you can accomplish easy usability with. You can do this by making the content easy to scan which means focusing on your layout.

Having a contrasting color scheme throughout the content is also beneficial as well as making sure that you are using a good font that is easy to read, also making room for lots of white space. You also want to be sure that any links that your content contains are not broken.


Navigation is another important factor that you need to pay attention to, which means that readers should be able to go from one page to another easily: keep in mind that the fewer steps a visitor has to take on your website, the better.